Fear is a Killer


A word with such power that it can kill a lot of things, from dreams, goals, romantic relationships, friendly relationships and even family relationships. It can kill so many things and does continuously over and over. The tiniest amount of fear can manifest itself into something debilitating and so much can be lost if it gets out of hand.


There are so many of us out there that are so afraid of living that we sit in our shells where we think we are safe from everything. What’s sad is, the only thing that we aren’t safe from are our own thoughts. Once fear sets in it’s almost a snowball effect from there, a snowball effect of insecurity based on what ifs. 

fear is not real

Fear is the result of many, many dreams not being fulfilled. Fear is the main reason for many failures in life. Many. Fear is the reason we don’t apply for that job we really want to have. Fear is the reason why many friendships end or don’t begin, and why many romantic relationships end or don’t begin, and even why jobs end or don’t begin. Fear of the unknown, fear of being mocked, fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of losing someone, fear of being vulnerable, fear of embarrassment,  fear of being fired, it appears the list can go on and on.


Why are all of us full of fear? Most of us have spent our entire lives being called a pussy for not doing something someone else wanted, even if we did tell them we were scared. From my experience in life, not very many people have any compassion for the scared, or compassion at all regardless who it is for. 


I think I am just concerned with fear so much because I can sense it in almost everyone that comes near me. The joys of being an Empath I suppose. It saddens me to know that I know this about people, ask them about it and still fear keeps them from communicating. Fear is the biggest obstacle of them all. 

My wish for the world is for everyone out there to release the fears that they have and to know that the only thing matters is what makes you happy. .



Have a beautiful day! 




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