Just a Short Update on Nothing

I have been slacking on my writing, I have no excuse other than I’ve been working and playing and being distracted from things at the moment. I took on another part-time job other than the UberEats I had been doing, now I work very part time at a bar in the town I live in. It’s a little dive bar but it’s quite fun and very interesting, but also very draining on my energy. It’s definitely something I am not going to do forever, I am just trying to make some extra cash so that I can stop living paycheck to paycheck and am able to go to the Las Rageous musical festival in Vegas next month. Oh and I also signed up with this CBD oil website to make a little money as well (I’m sure I’ll make a separate post on that for those interested). Having more jobs has put a damper in my learning and my quiet time but I am making it work for the most part! That’s what we do right? We make it work.


I go out and run around and work and do these things and I have all these great ideas about things I want to write about and then I don’t jot them down so when I have time to write I have forgotten my awesome point I wanted to write about! Ugh! Everything is a lesson right? Every experience we have is trying to teach us something, that’s how I see it anyway. My lesson may be to slow down and pay more attention, or keep a notebook nearby, oh wait I do!


All that we keep going through is teaching us something! Sometimes we need to slow down long enough so that we can actually see the lesson. Maybe that is why patterns keep getting repeated and why it seems nothing changes. I don’t really know the answer to that, but I do know the more time I stop and take time for myself and the less time I spend on other people’s drama the better I feel. I’ve told a few people in the last couple weeks that I just didn’t care what was going on with them. I know it sounds horrible of me to say and quite cold and I am sure offensive. When I stop to think about why I say I don’t care I can see how it can be offensive, I would find it offensive too and I used to when it was told to me, but I totally get the reason for it now.

Too many of us want to be a victim instead of putting forth the effort to making personal changes to improve our lives. I speak from experience on this, so when I tell someone I don’t care, I care about the person, but I don’t care about the issues being complained about, (unless I see valiant efforts to improve!). I spent years being a victim and not wanting to do any work to fix my life. It’s hard putting forth effort because society has made it seem like there should be simple fixes to problems, a pill, a magic potion, something that makes it better. Guess what? There isn’t. Well there is, it’s called me. I am my own magic potion for fixing myself, there is no pill, there is no magic elixir I can drink, there is no easy button I can push to make it all better. Only I can fix what is going on with me! Too many of us are experts at making excuses for why we can’t fix ourselves. I am the queen of excuses! I can make an excuse for most anything, and I used to.


Why do I tell people I don’t care about their problems? Well, because for me when I would explain my problems to others and my reasons as to why I wasn’t fixing myself, I felt that I had to explain myself to them. Hence the excuses. So when someone starts in on me with excuses as to why they can’t fix their situation I simply say, I don’t care, please don’t explain things to me because honestly I don’t care. We all have our own issues and things we want to improve or are trying to improve on, the last thing we should be doing is explaining to everyone else why we are broken. We really should just be so focused on creating a better world for ourselves that we don’t have time to make excuses, nor should we have to!


Maybe I will start writing about my bar adventures as they are quite a bit more exciting than reading about the things I do to work on myself. I want to save the world one person at a time though and I must start with saving myself and hope that others want to save themselves as well.



Again as always, I am no professional by all means, I am just a girl who wants to be the best version of herself she can be and I sleep well at night knowing I am better every day! I hope you all enjoyed the Full Moon a few days ago!

Rock on my beauties!


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