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After losing my brother to suicide in 2009, and then having my marriage dissolve before my eyes, I set out on a journey to find out why one becomes suicidal, even though I was suicidal myself, it was time to find out what can make a person get so low that they have no will to live, because I became that low, but didn’t want anyone to suffer from another loss. I set out to “fix” myself, after discovering that I had been surrounding myself with toxic people, including myself, I decided to set out on a journey to rediscover myself, or just discover for that matter and release my fears of abandonment and insecurities and live a life that I am happy with whether I am single or in a relationship. This is my story and I hope that I can help someone realize that life is beautiful regardless of how hopeless it seems, I hope to help someone see that there is a way out and it begins with love. This world is full of hate and all I have is love to give. Join me on my journey of self discovery and watch me learn to love everything there is about me while I find things that I like to do regardless of what the rest of the world tells me. Learn with me as I focus on the things I needed to do in order to succeed in life, by succeed I mean survive without wanting to take my own life. Not succeed in monetary ways because money will not make us happy. It is accountability in our own actions that will help us survive in this world where the majority of us would rather point blame at everyone else versus looking at our own behaviors and our own bullshit.

So go on, scroll down and read along with my journey, maybe my story will help you.

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  1. I was that huge old guy that worked at the pizza place years ago. I told you that I didn’t remember you. Farthest thing from the truth. If you want to talk, just let me know. You will be surprised but you will understand. I honestly don’t know if it will help or not, but I do think you’ll understand.


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