Can you hear that?

Can you hear that?

There’s a voice inside all of our heads that only we can clearly hear.


It tells us things like do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Go here, go there.


This voice can get very loud the more we listen to it.


Did you also know that voice inside our head is actually us?


Would you let others speak to you in the ways that you speak to yourself?


Why do you let yourself then?


We feed our own fears.


We scare ourselves.


We try to drown our fears and that voice with alcohol and pills.


When all we really need to do is remember that voice inside our head is our own.

Everyone is new at something

Everyone is new at something

Since I am still figuring out how to run my own website I wanted to share with all of you the little artsy stuff I’ve been working on to help me with my mind and all the thoughts that go through my head. I needed more of an outlet than just writing, so I started painting. It’s not typical paint and brush kind of painting, it’s cups and silicone, straws and torches, glue and paint, and it is so relaxing! Here is the link to what I have done so far, it is also listed in my Menu on the Home Page. Just click here for Psychedelic Art!!!!

I always liked to draw and take photos but I never thought I was any good at it. I’ve tried painting before and didn’t like what I ended up with. This, this I like! Enjoy!

I also have some listings on Etsy because if I don’t find somewhere for all these creations to go I will be bombarded with them! Here is the link to my shop, My Etsy Shop!!

I will also kind of sort make a custom design, granted custom is a little harder to make exact when I am working with wet materials! But I can take color recommendations and a little back ground story of yourself and I can probably whip up something fitting.


New adventures wait!