Do You Have Trapped Emotions? Part Two

Yesterday I was sharing some things I have learned about trapped emotional energy and how it affects us from birth and even before! Today I wanted to talk about how simple I think this theory is and how it’s absolutely amazing and I believe it really works. I tried it 4 days ago with a couple of emotions that I had, I dug into my subconscious mind and released them and it was an amazing experience! I wish for everyone to try it and see how their lives improve.


Now, because I have been such a negative thinker my whole life, or at least knocked down when I did try to be positive by my outside influences, 2 years ago I would have laughed at the idea of this Emotion Code thing even being real or even working. I had a VERY closed mind and I was full of pride. So much pride that there was no way that I was going to even hint that I might think there is a way to tap into my subconscious and heal myself. NO WAY. That’s what doctors are for, and counselors, and prescription drugs. Those are how to fix yourself right? They have a pill for that.


For a lot of people yes, that is how they think. I feel like because I was one of those people I am able to talk about this from my own experiences. I know some get extremely defensive when their beliefs are questioned. Actually I have met very few people who are completely open-minded, even I am not 100% open minded but I am always willing to toss some thoughts around that may differ from mine.


With that said, maybe it’s time we all just stopped what we are doing, right now, walk over to a mirror, one big enough to see yourself in, and just look at what you see. Take a look into your eyes and don’t look away for at least 60 seconds. Oh My Gosh that is a long time to look myself in the eyes! Was it hard for you to do? Did you last 60 seconds? If you didn’t why did you stop? Why did you look away? I’d take a guess and say there is some hidden emotion trapped inside you and that is why you had to look away. Something you saw made you uncomfortable and the feeling you was, let’s say, weird, because you don’t know how to describe it.

Trapped emotions make us do all kinds of weird things with ourselves. These trapped emotions create havoc in our bodies and can really make us sick!!! They can be removed simply by asking our subconscious yes or no questions to pin point which emotion is trapped and can go as far as what age you were when it was trapped and if it was inherited from ancestors, we can even ask if we’ve passed it on to our children!


Fear and Ego/Pride are the main reasons why the majority of us refuse to seek alternative help with our issues, especially with our emotions, especially with men. I know very few men who would even acknowledge considering something like having an emotion code session. Why though? Why are we so afraid to try something new? Why are we so afraid of what others think? Why is it so extremely hard for some people to understand that maybe the things we were taught were not the correct things to teach?

I am open to other views and things to research, especially from others experiences and show me what worked or didn’t work for someone else. I am all about brainstorming for new ideas. If I say something about my learning to someone, I would much rather they just take what I said, go do their own research and then come back to me with what they learned than to have someone just push their opinion back at me and tell me that I’m nuts. Please do not just jump at me with that you’re wrong statement 3 seconds after I speak my thoughts. All that does is show me that I am dealing with a closed mind and I should just stop right there because I wasn’t being listened to.

Fear and Pride/Ego are even a couple of the emotions that can become trapped inside our bodies and cause us ailment! All the more reason to look into something different to feel better, right?


I’m not here to convince everyone to look into the Emotion Code and whether or not it will help in your struggles, I am here to just say it is working for me, and I mean truly working. I absolutely believe the world should revolve around love and compassion instead of the fear and hatred that is leading it now. In order for that to happen we all need to open our minds to other options, other views and absolutely taking a good hard look at ourselves and fixing what is broken inside of us first!

Image result for fear quotes

Don’t be scared! What is the worst that can happen? Don’t let fear of the unknown hinder your power to be an absolutely amazing light of energy for this world that is full of fear and anger. Be open to something different. Be open to understanding that we are all just learning as we go. There is no book of life written out there that we MUST follow, if there is please send it my way as I never received my copy.

I’m not a professional, I am just someone who is learning as I go and using all my experiences to learn more about myself so that I can be the best version of me there is!


Have a beautiful day everyone! Rock on!



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