Who’s fault is it really?

It’s a hard day for me today. No special meaning to the date that I can think of, I’m just struggling with life. I’m sure I am not the only one. I read about it all the time on social media. After almost a two year hiatus I created a Facebook account, after three weeks... Continue Reading →

Artsy Stuff!!

I wanted to share with you my page for my art I've been doing. I add stuff to it often and I can do semi custom orders. Mostly just color requests. I'd love for everyone to share my page on their social media! I appreciate all of you for following me!! My Etsy Shop

Fear is a Killer

Fear. A word with such power that it can kill a lot of things, from dreams, goals, romantic relationships, friendly relationships and even family relationships. It can kill so many things and does continuously over and over. The tiniest amount of fear can manifest itself into something debilitating and so much can be lost if it... Continue Reading →

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