Who’s fault is it really?

It’s a hard day for me today. No special meaning to the date that I can think of, I’m just struggling with life. I’m sure I am not the only one. I read about it all the time on social media.

After almost a two year hiatus I created a Facebook account, after three weeks on it I see all the fear, anger and toxicity just pouring out of people. I open it, scroll through the feed for about 90 seconds and then close it. I created it to sell some stuff because that seems to be what everyone uses to sell their shit. Reading comments in groups and sales posts I’m just saddened and broken-hearted that the world has gotten worse since I left and I can clearly see why it was so beneficial for me to leave Facebook in the first place. I wish everyone would leave it. I definitely regret coming back.

It’s a great platform for complaining about how awful the world is, especially your own. Misery loves company and Facebook is the perfect community for the miserable.

Hey, don’t forget you get what you focus on the most. Don’t be terribly shocked when your life doesn’t improve if all you do is complain about the behavior of others. Take a step back and make sure you are not doing all those things you so actively complain about.

Make sure you aren’t telling people to just love themselves and their life will be amazing. Make sure you yourself are living as authentically as you tell everyone else to live. Make sure you are not doing all the things you yourself complain about in others. If you want love, you need to be love, not love one moment and passive aggressively assholeish the next posting jabs at people on social media or in real life.

Take a step back from yourself once in a while and make sure it is not you that is holding you back from being and achieving all that you desire in relationships and in life. Make sure you are being kind to others as well as yourself. Make sure your intentions are as good for others as they are for you.

Make sure you are completely perfect before you tell others how they should be living. Focus on yourself once in a while and make sure you are living how you expect others to live before typing that opinion of yours on someone’s social media post.

The universe is always listening. I promise. It may not get you immediately but it will get you. Make sure what you are putting out is authentic to you and not what you expect others to be. Be happy for others no matter if you agree with them or not. Wish ill on no one.

I’m no professional I’m just a girl who who has lost a lot in her life and wants to keep the hope that life is everything we make it out to be. Good or bad. Like what I write? Please follow me, comment and share! Don’t like what I write? Please follow me, comment and share! 😘

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