As I sit here on this beautiful Sunday evening I have been reflecting on all the good I have going on in my life. My oldest child married his best friend last Friday, both of my other children are moving in with me (One is already here the other is coming within a week) and I haven’t had them close to me in ten years, I started a new job where I enjoy the work I do and my relationship has done nothing but get better and better each day. I can honestly say my life is pretty damn great.

I can’t even begin to explain all the good things that have happened to me this year, all things I have wanted for years and years some longer than others, some things I am still wanting but because I have gotten so many things I have asked the Universe for I have no doubts the rest will come.

I’ve been sitting here dissecting how I could have finally gotten all the things I’ve been working so hard for and all I can really think of is my thoughts are to blame. Somewhere a couple years ago I make a point to myself to purposely be aware of the thoughts I had, because once I became aware of my thoughts it was so much easier to control what came out of my mouth as far as being kinder and not so mean. I use the word mean because I can be pretty damn mean when I need to be but I try very diligently to be kind, always.

Thinking bad thoughts of others has gotten me nowhere anytime I ever had them. Being jealous and concerned what others are doing and achieving have gotten me no where in life and honestly has gotten no one anywhere in life. It really just does not pay in any way shape or form to be unkind to anyone regardless of the situation. I’m not saying I still don’t have those thoughts. Of course I still have jealousy issues and mistrust issues, in fact I’m sure I still have a lot of the issues I had before that caused me to go on this journey I am on.

I suppose I just handle my issues differently now, I am aware of them a lot more than I used to be because I’ve spent some time alone with my thoughts learning them and learning myself I guess is a good explanation. I’ve realized it really hasn’t paid off for me to be mean. It hasn’t paid to put others down, it hasn’t paid to complain about others in the world, it hasn’t paid to be the downer I used to be. Being negative will NEVER make for a POSITIVE life.

It took me so long to realize that, but to me there just is no limit on learning. It doesn’t matter how old I get I will always be able to learn because I want to. There is no age where it’s deemed too late to learn, or too late to change. There just isn’t. It’s all a matter of being open to change and being aware of our thoughts before things just come blurting out of our mouths.

My lesson on this Sunday is to just be kind. We all have shit, and we are all going through some kind of shit. None is worse than others. Life is not a competition, we all have our own shit that we are trying to deal with. Every single one of us have our own fears, our own insecurities and our own “things” that we are trying so hard to survive. It literally does not pay to be unkind in any way to any one. It does no good to put anyone down in any way shape or form no matter how much we dislike them. It all comes back to us. We must be the change we want to see in the world. If we think the world is unkind then be that one person that is kind to everyone.

Karma actually works both ways but sometimes we forget because the world is so negative.

Can you hear that?

Can you hear that?

There’s a voice inside all of our heads that only we can clearly hear.


It tells us things like do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that. Go here, go there.


This voice can get very loud the more we listen to it.


Did you also know that voice inside our head is actually us?


Would you let others speak to you in the ways that you speak to yourself?


Why do you let yourself then?


We feed our own fears.


We scare ourselves.


We try to drown our fears and that voice with alcohol and pills.


When all we really need to do is remember that voice inside our head is our own.

It’s not Luck

It’s not Luck

Nothing in life is free. The things you get, the things you want, none of it is free. Everything comes with a price even if to some it seems free. Nothing is handed to us, we have to work in some way to achieve what we want. I’ve been called lucky because I happen to more often than not win concert tickets to the shows in my town. (This is my example) I don’t think it’s luck at all, it’s dialing my ass off when I should be doing my job, it’s taking time out my day to chase the radio station to get qualified to win or to grab the tickets before someone else gets them. It’s going out of the way of my daily activities to make sure I am in the running or grabbing the tickets or something to get them. It’s not like they are handed to me, I have to earn them like everyone else.



If you want something you have to go after it, no matter what it is. I don’t think many things are handed to us without some kind of work in getting whatever it is we want. Luck has nothing to do with it, hard work and determination is what is going to get us what we want in life. So if you find yourself a little bitter over the things your peers have maybe it’s time to take a look at yourself and figure out a way to get what you want instead of making someone feel bad for getting the things they want.


These are the things that make me sad about humanity. Shaming is such a terrible thing to do to someone. We are all here in this world together, if you aren’t looking out for yourself you’re probably not going to have a good time. If you want something, figure out a way to get it, there’s a whole world on the internet I am sure there are some ways out there to achieve your goals IF you are willing to put in the work yourself. If you aren’t willing, shut up.