Do You Have Trapped Emotions? Part One

I went to a masseuse the other day, she wasn’t just a masseuse, she was an energy worker who was certified in The Emotion Code. What’s that you ask? That’s what I said when I booked my appointment! I will let you know all that I know of this by the end of this blog.


I have been learning about energies and the power of the mind and self-awareness for the last year or so and want to do my own energy work and use this gift that I have to help people save themselves. That is the only way I know how to describe what I want to do with my life. Forty-three years old and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up! Laugh away but I bet most of you are stuck in jobs you hate and wish you could do what you truly wanted to do while you wait for the weekend. I don’t necessarily hate my job, because I work with some pretty rad people and a pretty great company, but of course like most of us, I am unfulfilled. I’ve known for a long time that I was brought here to save others. I remember thinking it as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult and again when my brother took his life. I think though that I was never in a place with myself where I was open to learning how to use my gift and where to even start to help others as I was in dire need of saving, and the death of my brother was that significant occurrence that happened to me in order for me to start the journey to heal myself so I am able to help others heal themselves.


I may have to do this blog post in two parts as I have a lot of things to cover that “seem” to be very different, but I think they have huge impacts on each other. So with that said I am going to use this one to give a quick run down on energies and what I have learned from my one short session with The Emotion Code and how that pivotal moment was what I needed to be confident in knowing what I am here on earth for.


We all know about energies and vibrations right? We all emit them and we all have different levels of energies and sometimes they clash, sometimes they mesh together. Have you ever walked into a room and met someone and gotten a really bad feeling about them? Some weird feeling inside you that is saying, “hey be careful here”, or had the opposite feeling? A feeling of familiarity with a person or somehow maybe you have met them before but don’t recall, or they just fit with you at that moment. We’ve all felt it in our lives, we should feel it every time we encounter someone. But how many of us actually pay attention to that feeling?


Did you know the human heart emits 60-1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain? Did you know it is THE most powerful organ in your body? The energy field around your heart has been measured and can be detected more than 12 feet in diameter from the heart itself. The heart is such a powerful organ that if you think about the love you have for someone your “heart-brain” sends a powerful signal to them and YOUR heartbeat can show up in their brainwaves! I am getting my information from the founder of The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson. He has many videos and books that explain all this, I will attach the video about the Heart-Wall that I’ve been studying for the last 2 days since my appointment with the energy worker. Link to Dr Bradley Nelson and the Heart-Wall


Now I know if anyone watches this video, most won’t make it to the end. Most will think it’s absurd and most will just laugh and brush it off. And that is all fine and dandy because I cannot tell anyone how to think or what to think, I only worry about myself, and luckily for me I’ve had some pretty horrible things happen to me that caused me to open my mind a little bit to realize that maybe I don’t know everything and maybe I have a lot to learn within myself and the things that go on around me that I don’t have an explanation for. What you do with my information is up to you, I am just sharing it because I know there is someone out there just like me who is on a journey and may either be stuck in it, or know they need to do some major self-work, or maybe they are just as lost as I was a year ago and don’t have enough confidence to take that giant step to being open to other things that may or may not work. The confidence to be vulnerable. I will go into vulnerability and ego more in Part 2.


Our body has the ability to hide emotions inside us. Hiding these emotions and not releasing them when they happen can and seems to be the cause of actual physical ailments and definitely mental ailments even ailments in relationships, spousal or platonic. When I was doing mine the other day, I found I had a hidden emotion that I have had since I was 12 years old. All of these hidden emotions bury themselves inside us and help build a wall around our heart for protection. So even if you are doing all the necessary work you think you need to do for healing and having great relationships in your life but somehow they still aren’t great it absolutely could be that you have a heart-wall. I know for me I can be so full of love for a specific person and once I see them I want to let them know and I try to but my Heart-Wall is so thick and layered that once it reaches the intended recipient it isn’t the same energy because it’s had to try to maneuver its way through this wall of trapped emotions I have. Does that happen to you as well? I can have the purest intentions and it won’t matter it will still come out of my body all jumbled up. And I can recall using those exact terms while I was on this journey trying to explain what happens inside my body.


After my session the other day I am on a mission to break the entire wall down. All negativity must be removed from the body or it won’t work. No doubt, no mental blocks, the mind MUST be open to whatever happens. No matter how hard you try. This has been my issue and why at 43 years old I am still struggling to fix my life and the relationships I have with those around me. All of this is stored in your subconscious mind. Even if you consciously know you have issues and you consciously make efforts to repair what you think are your issues, your subconscious mind knows what the real issues are and all you have to do is tap into your body and ask what they are and release them. Sounds so damn simple doesn’t it?!? Seriously, I know! I have been struggling my entire life to figure this out and it was something as simple as asking my subconscious mind? Cheese and rice, why didn’t anyone tell me this before?


The trouble is I was probably told this before….. listen to your heart, follow your heart, trust your gut, the answers are inside you…. That was me being told to listen to myself, my subconscious, but I didn’t. I wasn’t ready to. Certain things have had to happen to me in order for me to take each step that I have taken in this journey through my life, and I finally got to the point where I was ready to listen to myself. I had known about this masseuse for 6 months, that was about when I saw her website, but I didn’t make an appointment at that time. It wasn’t until last week that I made the appointment and when I met her I knew I was in for a treat for myself and shit was about to get real for me. I was instantly drawn to her and her story was crazily similar to mine.


I left her office feeling lighter than I had felt in years, lighter because I released a couple of trapped emotions that were holding me back, one was pretty major. I’ve read some testimonials and things on the interwebs about the emotion code and how it doesn’t work and I believe it may not work for some, but it worked for me. It worked for me because I was at a place where I was completely open-minded enough to want to see, to want to learn and to want to heal myself. I was totally blown away that I can ask my own subconscious questions and pin point what is going on with me at any particular moment. I can rely on asking my body what is good or isn’t good for me at any given moment, asking my subconscious a series of yes or no questions I came to find some answers that I needed to know about. I needed to know those emotions were what is holding me back and how to release them. I have even learned that these trapped emotions can be carried through generations, passed on in the womb. Once I learned that so many things made sense to me.


I know I am not describing just what this emotion code is, it’s really hard to write about. I will share Dr Brad’s YouTube page to show you a little example of what he does. I left my session the other day and just wanted to learn, learn and learn as much as I can about this. I went home and did a YouTube search on Dr Bradley Nelson and watched videos for a couple of hours.

48 hours after my session of releasing only 2 emotions that were trapped and I feel different. I feel lighter and a lot more confident in what my goals are. They are no longer dreams, they are goals now. Watch the videos I attached in here. Let me know how crazy you think I am or let me know how much you believe in what I am trying to accomplish here with myself. Everything happens for a reason. Everything. Good or Bad. It happened because for some reason it had to happen. I can just imagine how much love I can actually get out into the world if I can get my heart-wall to fall down. I know I am full of love I can feel it but getting it to pass through this wall is extremely hard and let’s me know just why people aren’t able to spend a lot of time with me. It seems to just pass through cracks right now instead of flowing.


Now that I have done the exciting part of my writing for Part One, I will work on Part Two and see if I can’t get it posted today as well. Part Two is going to go over all the reasons why you are going to say no to Part One, a little bit deeper than it just sounds absurd. Believe me I already have said that to myself. This theory does sound absurd, but I did it the other day and it works. Let’s look into the reason’s why it sounds absurd and see if we can’t open some minds. Why Energy Work?

Any questions? Please, Please feel free to ask them. Don’t let pride stop you. Don’t let ignorance stop you. Don’t let fear stop you. Or that pesky ego.



I hope you all enjoy the things that go on in my head. It’s busy that’s for sure. I thank you all for reading my blog. I appreciate all that follow me. If you think I’m on to something here, please share! If you think I’m nuts, please share! One person’s junk is another’s treasure so please, post my brain on all your sites.

Rock on my beautiful people!

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