Don’t Forget the Mission

This morning I was reading through my old posts that I’ve written, looked through my Instagram account and noticed that I seem to be straying off the path I thought I wanted to be on. I suppose that is not a terrible thing to have happen, it could be good, it could be bad, it really all depends on what my end goal was. Which was to be better than I have been.


Sometimes I need reminded of what my path is and what my purpose in life is. I forget to take care of myself from time to time, not nearly as bad as I used to forget. I would forget entirely for months and then wonder why I would crash and fall, HARD.




I think we all get hung up on life trying to make it better, make more money, do more of this and do more of that, more more, we forget our whole mission and that is to care for ourselves. Mentally and Physically! 

I don’t know why it seems selfish to others to want to care for ourselves. It’s in our nature to care for others I guess, but is it really? Is it to care for others or to support others? There is a difference. It’s only my perception and that is okay because no one is like me and I don’t want anyone to be like me, because I am me and I am the only me there is!  


Don’t forget to stop once in a while and catch your breath! Even superheros stop to rest, there’s no reason we all shouldn’t do it. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat, those who fall out weren’t meant to come along. 

Be happy for those that are celebrating, even if the celebration seems small. We ALL have a story to tell, we ALL have some kind of monster we are trying to slay, we ALL think differently. 


I can’t even keep my blog on the same topic while I write. Clearly I need to take a break from reality and stop and smell the roses that aren’t growing yet. Feeling scatterbrained? Stop and see all that is going on around and notice how much of that is centered around healing and growth versus how much is centered on pleasing others. 


I’m not a professional by all means, not even close. But I have a story and I like my story. If I can help one person see that it’s not such a bad place out there then I have done what I set out to do. Feel free to share my posts with everyone and anyone. Lots of love to each of you. Rock on my beautiful souls. 










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