Last weekend I met a person at my other job and we got to talking about music, not something I talk about with a lot of people because music to me is very deep, and most people do not understand just how much it means. I can find a song for any occasion and any kind of issue I may have going on with me. This person asked me if I had seen Tom Petty Running on a Dream, I unfortunately had not seen it yet, I will make excuses for it, it’s been so long since I’ve had a TV that I can’t find anything to hold my attention very long and they told me this movie was 4 hours long. I advised them that I would watch it and the next time I saw them I would give them my review. Well I made the time for a 4 hour show last night because I like to do what I say I am going to do and I watched it on my phone, yep a 4 hour movie on my phone, by the time it was over I had laughed, I had cried, I sang along alone in my room and I also had this huge wave of energy come over me while watching it. Energy that was absolutely healing and it came in waves over and over throughout the show.

Watching him tell the story of his success and seeing how completely humble and free he was had to be the most calming, healing thing I could have ever experienced. Never have I ever seen or talked to or known of someone like him and I never knew the things about him that he talked about in this documentary. I have been learning about the power of the mind and intuition, manifestation, synchronicity and all that jazz over the last year and I truly believe that things happen the way they are supposed to happen. His story confirmed what I have been learning. I was supposed to watch that show last night!

Every song that they showed him singing and the stories he told of the songs and just his journey in general were purely amazing to me. Songs I hadn’t heard for years and years and years that made perfect sense for the place I am at in life right now and perfect for the struggles that I am still having. It was almost as if he were singing to me. Which is what he wanted out of his music, that’s what I took out of the documentary. I just never knew all the things I learned about him last night, as he was truly a pretty peaceful, keep to himself kind of guy with a beautiful dream that he made come true and made it look so easy and smooth.

I picked that quote of his to use as my featured image because that was the perfect description I could find for how music makes me feel. To me music is magic and most of the music I listen to has helped heal me and helped me to see the world in a different way. Now that I have been awakened music means even more to me, especially with the music that I choose to listen to. Our local radio station (click here  )plays the greatest music around, music that seems to come from bands that are awake as well, which makes me love the station and it’s employees that much more. Music is magic, music has meaning, and music can also alter your conscious and subconscious mind depending on what kind of music you listen to. I personally only listen to rock music and all things heavy and hard, along with all the good classic rock from the 70’s. I wouldn’t even know a country song or singer if they have started out in the last 5 years, same with rap, I didn’t know until I researched it that the frequencies of country, rap and pop aren’t the greatest to be listening to which is more than likely why I hadn’t been interested in them much.

Music is more healing than we even realize, it’s kind of cool and interesting to read about it and even experiment with the different kinds of healing music there is out there. While I was listening to Tom Petty singing last night I realized immediately I would be buying a few of his albums to download in my car for my road trips as they are truly great pieces of art. He showed me last night while I watched that no matter what it is we want, no matter how hard it may seem, it is attainable. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend watching it!!!

There’s a meme or something that gets spread around that asks if you could pick one person to sit down with for an hour and talk with, dead or alive, who would it be? I’ve never really answered that one, not even to myself because I just wanted to pick the one that would have the biggest impact on me. I have tons to choose from, my brother, my stepdad, my grandfathers, friends, (all deceased) but I have to say, I’m ready to answer that now and I would LOVE to sit down with Tom Petty and have him sing to me and show me how to release the magic that we all hold inside each of us the way he did for the world.

If you have any musical documentaries you think I may be interested in please send them my way as I am always looking for something to do with music to ease my troubled mind and to learn more about life in general.

I’m just a girl who has lost a lot, learned even more and is doing all she can to make the world a better place with less suffering and more love. If you enjoy the things I write about give me a like, comment and a share! I’m always down for new ideas to write about or new things to explore and learn about.

Rock on my Beauties!

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