Humble Yourself

True humility is to recognize your value and others value while looking up. It is to see there is far greater than ourself into who we can become, who others can become, and how much more we can do and be.

To be humble is to serve others and be for their good as well as your own

To be humble is to have a realistic appreciation of your great strengths, but also of your weaknesses

Moses is an example of a man possessing true humility. He realizes his grandeur and importance as a leader of an entire nation, but also looked up to something greater than himself in G-d and realized how much more there is than who we are.”
I pulled that right out of Urban Dictionary. The dictionary of the street language, and I thought the definition on that site was a better representation of the word than even the most “preferred” sites.
I am not even sure how to write about humility as it seems to be a hard topic to discuss for some reason, possibly because ego causes us to think we are more important than others and humility reminds us that it’s about so much more, so how do we even talk about humbling ourselves?
How do we tell others that the world doesn’t revolve around them just as it does not revolve around us? How do we talk to anyone anymore? How do we tell someone else to humble themselves because they seem entitled to want or demand everything be handed to them for one reason or another?
How do we get others to just be happy for all that they have and to also be happy for what others get without seeming like an asshole to those who are driven by their egos?
How do we tell others that the things they speak often of are things they will end up getting if they aren’t careful with their words and intentions? How do we stop others from constantly bragging about themselves and having zero empathy for others? How are we supposed to humble the world when the world is continuously putting egoistic things down our throats with all the different ways the media can get to us?
We start by humbling ourselves and ourselves only. There are all kinds of people in the world that are better at the things I do and there are others that aren’t as good and I’m happy for all of them. I cheer everyone on and I am absolutely ecstatic when someone I know has any kind of success no matter how big or small it is. I feel no need to put anyone down to make myself feel better. I celebrate everyone’s successes and have no reason to not celebrate yours as well as my own. I am humbled daily by opening my eyes and seeing all the fucking beauty this world has to offer knowing I am just a small sliver of it.
We all started as nothing and when we are gone we will be nothing again, there’s no reason to make fun of others, put others down or minimize anyone’s success whether joking or not. That one person you know may want to learn something new and may finally try only to fail and be laughed at by those watching, never to try again, even though they may be fantastic doing it with some practice.
I’ve noticed through my own journey that we all have insecurities. ALL OF US. What I have noticed the most is that most of us are well aware of our insecurities and flaws, well aware of the things the world considers “flaws”. I call them quirks because the word “flaw” to me sounds negative and downright mean. No two people are the same and no two people should be treated the same and we as humans should NOT expect anyone  to be like another. We should be encouraging others to be authentic to themselves and only themselves.
I continuously go back to being kind.

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