The Sun and the Moon!

I’ve always kind of sort of believed in Astrology, mostly on an entertainment level and a bunch of coincidences, until the last month or so. I have started getting into music for healing and astrology as well. I have been doing the music therapy for about 6 weeks now and I see a difference in myself, a difference that I am proud of because I have actually grown and learned and bettered myself from how I always seemed to be. I not only am using the music as therapy I am also paying more attention to the moon and sun signs in regards to myself and my interactions with others and actually taking the astrology part seriously.

One of the biggest and most revealing things I have discovered about myself is the fact that I was born during a Full Moon! I’ve been reading for weeks about this and the effect this had on my life and things are clearer than they were before I started this journey a year ago. Some things are now easier to understand and somethings I now know I can’t really control until I understand them. I have been cutting articles out and wanted to put them in one place for others to see and for me to reflect on at a later date if need be. I would like to share them with you just in case maybe you were born during a Full Moon as well.

Full Moon

Being born in the midst of the cycle means that your talents lie in bringing matters to fruition. You are adept at tempering logic with instinct and practicality with creativity. Moreover, this period acts as a bridge, linking you to the past, but also projecting your ideas into the future. The negative side is that you may suffer guilt and irrational fears, especially when it comes to personal relationships. Only when you learn to take control of your feelings, rather than to take your emotional cue from your partner, will you find a way of sustaining a mutually rewarding intimate relationship. Your best efforts will find their flowering after middle age.

For the whole article and the other moon phases click here.


I found one article that completely blew my mind as far as being born on a Full Moon as it described me to a T and made me wish I had been handed this sheet as soon as I could read so maybe my life would have been a little easier. The article is pretty long and there is so much useful information in it so I will just put a couple of clips in it with the link to the whole thing below.

“When a Full Moon occurs, the Moon is located directly opposite the Sun. That means that your Sun Sign, which controls the mind, and your Moon Sign, which controls the heart, are in conflict with each other. As a person who is born under the influence of the Full Moon, your life tends to be driven by internal struggles between what you know is logical, and what your heart truly wants. Worse, you might have a multitude of different desires, pulling you in all sorts of different directions. This is the reason why you may come off as inconsistent or indecisive to others.”

This is the whole article.


That was just the first paragraph and the rest just described everything that I have learned about myself but can’t figure out how to fix. Now I am sort of stuck on whether I want to fix it or whether I want to flow with it. I am supposed to flow with it and that is what I would like to do as soon as I can figure out how to quit the internal conflict I have with my heart and my mind and I promise you this, I knew about the internal conflict long before I ever figured out that I was born during a Full Moon! This article really helped me see that I am NOT crazy like I have been told by others my whole life. I think if one were to look into the effects on your life when born during a full moon and all the previous blogs I’ve posted there is a clear resemblance to both. This is how I know that Astrology must be true and completely affects our lives. The placement of the Sun and the Moon has to mean something! This has been a known thing for 4000 years! Look back through history and see how the different moons and things affected how the farmers planted and when to plant. I’ve even found articles on the Moon and a female menstrual cycle! Please click here for that article! 

Something that has been around that long can’t just be some made up nonsense right?!?!

This weekend my husband invited me to stay over for Christmas, I thought that was very sweet of him to do when he really just doesn’t HAVE to associate with me. Yet he still does, and I take those all as signs for my future with him. I believe in the stars when it comes to me and him, even if he doesn’t completely believe in some of the stuff. I did send him my Full Moon birthday reading and he even agreed it was spot on with me. Back to the weekend, I stayed over, we hung out, I suddenly got weird, not completely out of the ordinary for me as I seem to always get weird around him. I can never figure out why even though he notices and he asks, I don’t always have an answer as to why I am being weird. When I say I got weird I mean things like I am perfectly fine, enjoying my time and I see a new photo in his house, or he gets a text and suddenly my heart is racing, I can’t breathe and I’m sick to my stomach suddenly, or I just go silent. I stop all talking and I just stare at something and the look in my eyes is that I am clearly somewhere else. And I am, I go somewhere else and I don’t always know where it is. I usually have racing thoughts of some crazy outlandish assumption I’ve suddenly made up about him that is so far-fetched that people laugh when I bring it up. Including him. I on the other hand don’t always laugh because to me these things are real to me. What I have learned though after finding out all these things about my sign and my being born during a full moon is that my mind fucks with me!

Did you know that lunatic is derived from the word Luna? “lunatic. late 13c., “affected with periodic insanity, dependent on the changes of the moon,” from Old French lunatique, lunage “insane,” or directly from Late Latin lunaticus “moon-struck,” from Latin luna “moon” (see Luna)”

I can even go as far as to say I could be a damn werewolf if I really wanted to! I know I am not a lunatic nor am I a werewolf but the moon truly affects my thoughts and actions so I must be more aware of the placement of the moon when I start feeling this way. What I discovered when I tried to figure out why I was being weird over the weekend was the moon was at First Quarter starting right around the time I started getting weird and it continued through the next day. The First Quarter and the Third Quarter are my most difficult times of the month according to my Full Moon Birthday chart I read, where I am in complete battle with my heart and my mind and the more I sit and reflect on that the more it deems to be true. My battle now is trying to survive through it and learn how to make the best of it instead of letting it cause me a total mental meltdown like it used to do and could have the other day. Who knows, I could just be a total lunatic and none of this is real anyway! I do know from speaking with my husband about my actions and the weirdness and my patterns is that I do it in a cycle. Just like the moon.

I don’t necessarily believe in today’s medicine or what society tells me to do to heal myself. I don’t believe in magic pills, only because I’ve had more prescriptions than I care to talk about and not one of them ever helped me. Nothing has helped me get better than my own self awareness of my own actions and reactions. My thoughts have caused me more grief than the things that have been said to me or things that have been done to me. I believe in the power of the mind and it truly is a very powerful thing. It can do a lot more than we realize it can, it caused me to lose 50 pounds I didn’t have to lose, it also caused me to almost lose my husband. I say almost because the poor guy is still sitting over in his world hanging on to the hope that I can and will do this. I’ve discovered when the heart and the mind are out of balance with each other total chaos can happen. Why has it taken me 43 years to discover this? Well, because I had to take a good hard look at myself and notice the things that I was doing that weren’t so great. I had to take some kind of accountability for the things I think, say and even do before I could even attempt to fix my imbalance. Fear of change makes it so hard for anyone to decide to take a leap to change their mindset. Especially when we have spent most of our lives being “programmed” to think and act a certain way.

I realize that my post is all over the place today and that is no surprise to me as I am always all over the place in my thoughts! It’s the reason why I don’t post as many things as I want to because I spend so much time wandering all over the posts I do get to! Let me try to get back on track now, I won’t edit all my wanderings out as to me that shows we aren’t all the same and being different is actually okay. Having our own beliefs are also okay. I always get excited when I discover something that relates to me and what goes on in my head. Astrology has always been something I was curious about but didn’t really ever dive into all that it was and how it could be ingrained in each of our lives. Now that I have actually really truly looked into it and have seen way too many coincidences of my own self it’s kind of hard for me to not believe that it’s true and it does play a big part in my world.  Clearly from being with my husband for so long and the insight he has given me whether I really wanted it or not has truly helped me see all that I am and all that I can be. As long as I can figure out my little cycle, and I will figure it out eventually. I may just have to do a full moon cycle and document everything I do and feel and whatnot during the moon phases and actually see for myself the power of the sun and the moon on me. I know there is something more because all this accountability and self-awareness I have been doing has definitely helped but somethings I feel I just have no control over, like there is some outside power causing me to be a little off.

I would love to know what you think of Astrology and all that it entails, the more information the better in my eyes! What are you drawn to for help? Do you have any unconventional beliefs or ways to help yourself grow and learn? Leave me some comments! Rock on my beauties!









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