Thinking Powerful Thoughts



I had a rough couple of days last week. I got my hopes up about some things and they didn’t turn out well. Or at least the way I suppose I wanted them to go, so to me they turned out bad. I’ve been learning about the power of the mind and how we can actually manifest the things we want to happen to us whether good or bad. I’ve always been a negative thinker and an impatient person so I can actually see why I “think” I’ve had a horrible life and nothing seems to work out in my favor. Why would anything work in my favor when it seems it never has before?

I wanted something to happen last week and I decided to go about getting it a different way than I normally do and it backfired. I think it backfired because although I went about it in a different manner, my mindset about the whole outcome was the same as when I go about it my usual way, so I ended up disappointed anyway, thinking I tried something new and it didn’t work. Well to be honest about it, I did try something new but in the back of my head I said it won’t work this way, it doesn’t work the other way why would it work this way? Well yeah, actually when you have that mindset why would it work in any way that you try it? I had already decided before I even tried it that it wouldn’t work and guess what? It didn’t work. Imagine that!

After a couple of days stewing on this and how I need to work harder on changing my mindset I tried it again, this time I changed up my mindset and instead of being negative about it I was open to whatever may happen. I wasn’t positive about the outcome because I was afraid of total disappointment so I kept my attitude open for whatever may happen, good or bad, just open. Can you guess what happened? I got what I wanted! I didn’t ask for much but I asked the Universe and I was open to the answer and the Universe responded by giving me what it was I asked for. This little bit of goodness that I received was enough to convince me of the power of our thoughts. Well this and the fact that once I started going in a different direction with my thoughts things kind of snowballed slowly. Snowballed in a good way! It’s been a slow roll but it is rolling in the direction that I have always wanted it to go.

I spend almost every night speaking to one of my friends about all these things I write about as she is the one that opened my mind up to all this stuff I am always rambling about. She and I can spend hours discussing life and the power of thought and everything else you can imagine other than the weather or basic small talk. There is no small talk with her and I. We spent some time last weekend talking and I realized that our minds are seriously very powerful. We really can manifest the things we want if we make that our only focus and focus in such a way that it seems we already have what it is we want.

This has been what I have been practicing since we spent time together last weekend. Completely focused on what I want as if I already have it, and I must be honest it seems to be working. Working in a way that I wanted, but not exactly as I wanted, so I have had to make myself open to other things, just because it isn’t happening just as I “imagined” doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This is why it appears that we must be more open minded to things that are happening around us because stuff is happening to us as we want it to happen so we must not focus on negative things. If we think negative thoughts negative things will happen. Just like in the beginning of my blog here, I wanted something good to happen but in the back of my mind I kept saying it isn’t going to happen, I will get rejected, all as I’m wishing the opposite would happen. I didn’t believe what I wanted would happen even though I asked for it, I didn’t have a great attitude about the outcome and I didn’t get what I wanted.

As I decided to change my attitude I started telling myself what I was going to get. No more this is what I want, I started saying this is going to happen to me and it’s actually working. I’ve also been using these Solfeggio Frequencies during the day and during the night. Have you ever heard of them? Let me give you a link for a quick run down on what they are as I have heard of sound therapy but I only talked about using it, I never tried it until about two weeks ago. Here is a link to them, they truly are quite interesting and after using them for the last two weeks I have no doubt in my mind they truly work! Solfeggio Frequencies

Almost weird and odd things have happened since I started using these sound frequencies but weird and odd as in I want to keep using them and see what happens to me! I’ve focused on the “attract love” or “radiate positivity” ones and especially the “remove negative toxins” frequencies. Out of the blue after using these for some time, people have almost flocked to me, not necessarily looking for anything but they all have just said they wanted to be around me or talk to me. No reasons for coming around, they just wanted to, I had 3 or 4 people in a 24 hour period come to me just this week!  I don’t even know what this means as this hasn’t really happened to me before. I am usually the one following people around trying to get someone to pay attention to me. Suddenly as I work on myself with these and stay away from negative vibes, people I never would have thought to come to me have been coming to me and not wanting anything from me. I have also noticed the negativity comes to me stronger now and I believe that is because of the new vibes I am radiating attracts it, like a moth to a flame I have been told. Now that I know how to recognize it and listen to my intuition I am better able to deal with the things that are being dealt to me with this attitude that seems more open to other outcomes now.

I know my blogs are a little vague, I don’t really know my purpose of them other than to give the world something to think about while I travel on my journey of making my head a better place to live. If I can at least help one person who is struggling with life it will make my journey more worthwhile, if I can open someone else’s eyes the way my eyes were open my journey will be worthwhile. My journey will be worthwhile regardless, as I will be saving myself, but there are millions of us out there who struggle daily with our heads and all the garbage shoved into them from the outside world, sometimes it’s hard to even know what to do with ourselves. I am no expert but I know all the things I’ve been “taught” do not work for me and instead of continuously trying what isn’t working I have gone elsewhere and just tried my own thing, my own research and asking people I know that seem to have it together. This journey of mine has been hard, very hard as in I have had to tell a lot of people to stay away from me while I do this, and the sad thing is I didn’t really tell them, I just kind of left them, stopped talking to them or for some I did say I need to step away from you for a while. I had to take a different approach for different people in my life as not all of them understand what I am doing, nor do they really WANT to understand and because of that I have lost a lot of people in my life. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I honestly don’t really know. My only focus is on myself and getting better and to a point in my life where I no longer worry about what others think of me and for me to know that I am a person that I can be proud of as I grew up not very proud of myself even if others were. It’s about my own perception of myself and not others perception of me.

I hope others can find my words helpful and encouraging if so let me know, if not let me know (gently) I am open to suggestions of things to write about. I am open to being shared with the world, I am open to all kinds of things if they will help someone else or even myself! I think I added sharing buttons to all my posts to make them easier to share. I am still really new to blogging and I really just write and figure the rest out as I continue writing, I am not a professional blogger nor am I a therapist or doctor, I am just a girl who is tired of feeling bad about herself continuously, who lives off of honesty and has a hard time trusting those that can’t be honest to her no matter how trivial. That will have to be another post I am sure.

Have a beautiful day!!



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