Can you do it?

If I’ve learned anything in this life of mine it’s this…. there isn’t ONE person other than yourself who can save you, take care of you, make you happy, tell you what to do and so on and so forth, I hope you get it, Not one person other than yourself.

I’ve worked extremely hard getting to where I’m at mentally and I’ve done most of it alone locked away with my books and my blog. (And quality porch time and a lot of Tool) It has taken me coming to grips with reality and knowing who would be there to support my isolation and growth and what I call my transformation and who would close their eyes to it and take offense to my isolation. I think the key to change of any kind is to take accountability in your own actions and feelings in every thing you encounter. Be it the good things that happen around you or all that drama you are engulfed in. If each one of us can step outside ourselves and look at our own individual actions and how judgmental we truly are and worked solely on changing just ourselves I cannot even imagine how the world would change. The scariest thing I think I’ve ever done is take accountability for my own responses instead of pointing my fingers at someone else, it’s not someone else’s fault your feelings are hurt or whatever it may be, it’s your perception of what the circumstances are that hurts your feelings. Think about why you perceive the way you do and work to understand someone else’s perspective and respect theirs. We are each our own people.

I believe with everything I have that people can change if 1. They truly want to 2. They absolutely take accountability for the things they are trying to change 3. Never give up.

Accountability is hard because it requires you to look at yourself on the inside but it teaches you empathy and compassion for others. I’m such a misunderstood soul because I feel and understand things on a much much deeper level than others and I come off weird and crazy to most. People are easy to dismiss or brush aside if they are misunderstood. It’s actually extremely hard for any individual to admit they don’t understand or want to even try. It’s hard to show colors to someone who only sees black and white.

Someone opened a door for me once a couple years ago and then walked away and let me decide if I wanted to go through it or not. I was curious absolutely but too scared to walk through because I had to walk alone so I stood In the doorway and looked. I don’t exactly know when I walked through it, possibly last night, but wow. Everything happens for a reason. Everything. You can take my post how ever you want. You can assume it’s about anything or anyone you want to assume it’s about. But take accountability for it. Are you ready for someone to open your door to see where it leads?

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