The Facebook Killings

I wrote this November 10, 2017. On January 2, 2018 I deactivated my Facebook account just as an experiment to myself to 1. See if I could personally live without it. 2. To see if anyone noticed.
I have not logged into my account since I hit that deactivate button on January 2nd. The results of my experiment? 1. I can live without it, and live a hell of a lot happier!!!! 2. in the 5 months I’ve been off of it, less than 5 people have asked me what happened to my account.
Will I ever go back to Facebook? I’ve missed my friends but when I look back on it, very very few of them were actually my friends, because less than ten of them I actually speak to and less than 5 I actually see. I will write a complete section on the actual effects leaving Facebook did for me and why I shut my account down in the near future.

How’s your Facebook life going?

Enjoy a revisit to one of my rants when I was struggling with Life.

My Life, My Story

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you enjoy your account? Do you enjoy being on Facebook, does it cause you happiness? Does it cause you stress, resentment, anger, anxiety? Does it actually make you feel good about yourself and those around you?

When Facebook came out I jumped on board, it took me a while as I wasn’t huge into computers, I was busy living and taking care of my children. Once I got going with it though, I was addicted. I was stuck on letting everyone know what I was doing, what I was thinking, I had fun making jokes and sharing pictures and what not. Somehow though and it happened really quickly, I started using it for vague statements because my statements caused people to pay attention to me. I never realized just what a negative impact that had on me because I was already depressed and…

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